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Vintage Bowles

As I was scouring the Vogue website this week I came across the Vintage Bowles web series.  It’s an amazing journey of how Hamish Bowles, International Editor at Large for Vogue, travels around the world seeking pieces for his legendary couture collection. Season one is on the Vogue website and it features garments by Nina Ricci, Charles James, Geoffrey Beene and YSL.  It’s such a personal view into Hamish Bowles’ passion for vintage collections.


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7 Tips for Visiting New York City

Whether you’re going for a weekend getaway, a few weeks or moving there for work, there are a few things to know to survive in NYC.

1) If you don’t know your way around, find out. Study a map, walk around for a few hours, or better yet download HopStop or Google Maps and learn your way around. Google Maps and HopStop are really good for learning the Subway and bus systems.

2) Don’t hate on yourself for eating deliciously, full flavored, bad for you food. At least not forever. You literally walk everywhere in NYC, in my opinion you only need a cab if you need to get somewhere very quickly or have a lot of items with you. That being said, you obviously need to feed yourself the right food to keep energized, but indulge if you want to.

3) Be a tourist…slightly. Visit the sites you really want to see; Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, the Wall Street bull, even Rockefeller Center. Try to avoid those areas during high traffic time: lunch, dinner, and early evening. Just don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk and take pictures, you ruin the flow of walking traffic.

4) New Yorkers treat sidewalks very much like streets, you walk on one side of the sidewalk as you would drive on one side of the street. Oh, and on escalators make sure you stand on the right so that people can walk on the left side.

5) Carry cash. The majority of shops and eateries in NYC are cash only, so if you don’t want to miss out or look like you don’t know what you’re doing when you get to the front of the store and can’t buy your coffee.

6) Totally visit the Empire State Building at night, you’ll thank me later.

7) Have fun! Whatever makes you happy do it. Visit Central Park, get lost in museums, find a cafe to read books and drink coffee. There is so much to do in NYC that you can’t say you were bored.


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