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Cinco de Mayo

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Don’t just drink margaritas and chow down on chips and salsa today–celebrate with your wardrobe and accessories too!

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Trends: Tweed

Tweed has been popping up here and there in the fashion mags and on the celebs for the past few months, and I kinda like it! Originally, I just reserved tweed for Elle Woods and those attending law school, but tweed is actually quite functional; there’s a way to fit it into your outfit, no matter your style. A tweed blazer and jeans is a trademark of fall fashion after all!

Trends: Tweed

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All Things Bright and Beautiful


Mood board from Polyvore.  Push your darks to the back of your closet, and choose color instead. Brighten your day by dressing in neon, bold colors.

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