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Sick Day

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I’m super excited it’s fall: crisp leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, cool air, etc. One part of fall I don’t love is the start of the sick season….hooray. If you feel the onset of sickness hit you, cuddle up in a cozy sweatshirt, throw on your glasses and favorite slippers, and pop some NyQuil. I hope anyone who is feeling under the weather gets better soon!

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Celebrity Inspiration: Taylor Swift

If you haven’t heard that T Swift has a new album out…well, there’s just no way you haven’t heard. She’s everywhere! And whether you’re a fan of the country/pop singer or not, you must admit, she has quite the style. Gone are the sundress/cowboy boot outfits. Swift has become a big fan of primary colors and vintage style. And of course, she’s rarely without her bright red lipstick, which is a much more accessible trademark than cowboy boots!

Celebrity Inspiration: Taylor Swift
Matthew Williamson lace dress, $1,805 / Diane von Furstenberg / Knit sweater / Quiksilver shirt / Seychelles / Kate Spade military handbag / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses / House of Harlow 1960 / Hourglass Cosmetics lip makeup, $37 / Taylor Swift / Taylor Swift

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FMDS Must-Haves: Spring Awakening

With warm weather creeping up on us, FMDS Daily brings you spring-inspired must-haves to get you pumped for those wonderful 75-degree days (as if you weren’t already)!

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