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Trends: Dots and Bows for Fall

Even though shades of orange, cable-knit sweaters and riding boots are the fall staples, I think we may be seeing more feminine accessories in our fashionable futures. Get ready for the polka dots and bows!

Trends: flirty fall
Kate Spade / J.Crew high heels / J.Crew ballet flat / Kate Spade / Kate Spade / J.Crew leather satchel / Mawi jewelry / Kate Spade / Kate Spade / Kate Spade / J.Crew art deco jewelry / Kate Spade earrings / Cara Accessories ‘Tassel’ Smart Phone Charm

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Weekly Obsession: Magic Wallet

For the first two years of college, I probably wasted hours of precious time sorting through my tiny ID pouch, trying to find my student ID or debit card or room key. I know the cashiers dreaded me getting to the front of the line. Not anymore! The magic wallet is a lifesaver! It’s the perfect way for college students to keep their daily necessities all in one organized place!

Weekly Obsession: Magic Wallet
J.Crew bag / J.Crew leather wallet

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Fall Essentials

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Celebrity Inspiration — Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba may suck as an actress, but she’s always spot on when it comes to fashion. Her outfits are always unique without being too crazy, and she pulls off any outfit with effortless grace and poise.

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Movie Inspiration — 101 Dalmatians

Tonight I watched 101 Dalmatians for the first time since childhood. I’m not gonna lie, Cruella DeVil still scares the heck out of me. However, now that I’m older, I can appreciate how amazing the movie is fashion wise. Cruella’s outfits are outrageous and daring, but she owns it. Copy her style by rocking some black and white spots, with a touch of red thrown in as well. Just forgo the huge fur coat and elbow-length gloves unless you’re feeling especially adventurous.

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Celebrity Inspiration- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I’ve currently been going through a little obsession of Jackie O, she was after all an interesting woman and incredibly fashionable lady. Looking throughout her fashion history it’s easy to see how she evolved with the times while keeping her own fashionable flair. During the Kennedy years she was the President’s wife, beautiful and well-kept. Pillbox hats, kitten heels, sheath dresses, pearls and of course, Chanel. Her look fit in the time and was inspiration to women all over the United States.

Jackie Kennedy

Then came the next decade, the 70s. She was making a name for herself outside of “John Kennedy’s Wife”. She was a working woman who found love again and remarried. She took the big trends of the 70s and made them hers. White pants, black shirts, print headscarves, sandals, and her signature big glasses were the staples of her closet.

Jackie O- The Onassis Years

Effortlessly chic, Jackie O has continued to influence women for over 50 years. Her style worked yesterday, and will continue to work for the future generations to come.

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watch:, $34; sunglasses:, $55; wallet:, $158; comforter:, price varies depending on size; bracelet: $68; nail polish:, $28; necklace,, $90; dinnerware set, $22.49; journals,, $17.95 each; vintage ring,, $878

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