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Celebrity Inspiration: Rashida Jones

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Not only is Rashida Jones an understated comical genius, but she’s also a sleek, stylish dresser. Copy her style by throwing on a cute blazer, thick-rimmed glasses, or a fun patterned blouse or dress.

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Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

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Whether you’re dressing to the nines this Thanksgiving or just stuffing your face with turkey while hanging out your pajamas, I hope you have a fabulous day. There’s a lot to be thankful for.

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Get a Tan

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Lately, I’ve been loving anything tan colored. Whether it’s a scarf, skirt, or anything in between, if it’s tan, I’ve been coveting it.

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J. Crew Jewelry

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It’s well-known that J.Crew consistently has beautiful, stylish clothes. The same goes for their jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a bedazzled statement necklace, simple gold studs, or a wristful of bangles, J.Crew has you covered.

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Singing in the Rain

void(0)If you’re a Hokie, you know how crazy the weather is in Blacksburg. You’ll be wearing a scarf and gloves one day, and shorts the next. Be prepared for rain or snow with J. Crew’s super stylish pocket umbrella. It has a wooden handle, automatic open/close function, and you can choose from three cheerful patterns. Don’t be caught in the rain without it! $26,



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Celebrity Inspiration: Ryan Gosling

Just because Ryan Gosling is a guy doesn’t mean we can’t look to him for style inspiration. The dude always looks cool and can even pull off a patterned sweater. Get it, boy! He’s too legit to quit.Untitled #17
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Trends: Tweed

Tweed has been popping up here and there in the fashion mags and on the celebs for the past few months, and I kinda like it! Originally, I just reserved tweed for Elle Woods and those attending law school, but tweed is actually quite functional; there’s a way to fit it into your outfit, no matter your style. A tweed blazer and jeans is a trademark of fall fashion after all!

Trends: Tweed

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