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Wardrobe Tips for Nailing That Fashion Industry Job or Internship

Now that it’s the middle of Spring semester, I’m sure you’re preoccupied with your midlife crisis about finding a job post-graduation. Or at least you’re tired of everyone asking you about what you’re doing after graduation (you can stop now).  We all know that jobs in the fashion industry are competitive, but the key to landing an amazing fashion industry job, is looking and dressing the part! These are some Do’s and Don’t guidelines to follow.


1.) Know your audience–know what the job entails and who is interviewing you! You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to an interview for Ralph Lauren as you would for an edgy fashion magazine.

2.) Number one also applies to tattoos and piercings ; if it’s a more conservative company you’re interviewing with, you may want to cover them up, but if the interview is with a young, hip company it may not be an issue.  Do your research and use your good judgement!

3.) Stick to a basic dress or suit and add one fun or statement jewelry piece or pair of shoes–that’s where you can really show some personality!

4.) Wear comfortable AND well-fitting clothes.  If you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show, and wearing garments that fit you shows you know what looks good and that your vision can be trusted.

5.) Have clean and un-chipped nails–a no-brainer, people.

6.) Be polished and well groomed! Stick to conservative hair and makeup.


1.) Think you have to wear pants or a suit.  This is a fashion interview, you’ll want to show your creative, trendy side too!

2.) Wear any skirt or dress that is too short or shows too much skin..fingertip length is always good guideline. If it’s sleeveless, a black or navy blazer always looks professional.

3.) Douse yourself in an overpowering perfume..nothing says don’t hire me like a perfume that makes you smell like a “baby prostitute,” for all you Mean Girl fans.

4.) Wear a million bangles or some loud charm bracelet or ANY loud jewelry for that matter. Statement pieces are okay but you want the interviewers to be able to hear you. Remember, the focus is on YOU and your abilities.

5.) Wear sandals or flip flops. Just don’t.

6.) Bottom line, if you have to question it, DON’T wear it.

Check out some of Glamour Magazine’s wardrobe tips for fashion industry interviews!

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