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Obsessed with Overalls

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 Back in the ’90s, I rocked a pair of yellow overalls that had purple flowers embroidered all over them. It might not have been my proudest moment, but hey, I was only six. Overalls are no longer reserved for just children and farmers. They’ve evolved from baggy and unflattering to sleek and fabulous. As long as you avoid pairing overalls with a flannel shirt à la Old MacDonald, you’re set. Snatch up a stylish pair and accessorize with cool sneakers or heels, eye-catching jewelry, or just a plain white tank.

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April Showers Bring May….Floral Jeans!

The newest trend this summer is floral jeans. These jeans are fun and chic and will put a skip in your step. Don’t think you can rock floral jeans? Think again!Taking the same pair of jeans, the Current/Elliot The Stiletto Floral Print Skinny Jeans ($228), two different looks have been created. Whether your style is clean and classic, or edgy and cool, these jeans are surprisingly versatile when paired with the right accents.

Floral Jeans, Classic

Floral Pants, Cool

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Pack a Punch in Pastel

Easter may be over, but the pastel trend is just getting started. Pastels have been spotted everywhere from the runway to the red carpet: now it’s your turn to rock this style. The soft, delicate hues are perfect for spring and summer, and can be dressed up or down. If you’re feeling wary about breaking out a floor-length lavender skirt, try throwing on a pale blue scarf or painting your nails mint green to start small. Pile pastels on in layers or wear just one bold piece; either way, you’ll be spot on.



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