Hey Guys! My name is Emily and I absolutely love fashion. It has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I love the ever changing style, the individuality, and most importantly clothes.

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Urban Jungle FMDS Fashion Show!!!!

Tonight is the FMDS Urban Jungle Fashion Show!!!!!!!

Come join us at 8pm tonight in the Squires Common Wealth Ballroom.

Student: $6; General: $7; VIP $15

I am so excited for the show this year. My colleague Amanda Locke and I joined forces to design five spectacular outfits. Our excitement to see our garments go down the runway is incredible. Our unique, edgy outfits fit perfectly into the Urban Jungle theme. We incorporated unique items such as chains, nuts, and washers.

Amanda and I aren’t the only ones contributing to this fashion show of the year! There are roughly a dozen other designers, designing everything from Hokie wear to extravagant, unique dresses! This is not a show to miss!

Here’s a sneak preview of Amanda and I’s garments. Come out and join your fellow Hokies in the excitement; we would love your support!


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DIY: Wrap Dress

One of my absolute favorite outfits to wear in the spring time is my wrap that I bought for less than $30. I got mine from a kiosk in the mall but you can find them just about anywhere. Below I am showing you my favorite way to tie mine. Its a strapless dress with a few twists in the front to embellish the neckline.

You begin by placing the wrap behind you and bringing the two tails together crossing them over one another. Next you pull it tight and twist it three times then wrap it around yourself and tie it (either behind or in front).

This makes for an adorable sundress. You can look up other ways to tie a wrap online or on youtube. Just type in wrap dress tutorials!

There are endless possibilities with this wrap dress ranging from dresses, skirts, and tops! Be creative and enjoy!

Stay beautiful!

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Fashionable Fringe

Fashionable Fringe
Fringe, fringe, fringe! I love it all! It gives such a graceful look to anyone who wears it by emphasizing the natural movement of the body. You could wear fringe shoes, shorts, skirts, dresses, accessorize with bags or even with jewelry! The possibilities are endless!

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AmericasMart Apparel Fall/Winter 2014

This past week I was lucky enough to get to go to Atlanta, Georgia to volunteer at AmericasMart. Three of my peers and I got to be a part of all the chaos, excitement and preparation that goes into a 30 minute Fashion show.

We began our first day following two fashion stylists, Tim and David. Tim and David are responsible for putting on the big fashion show. They went around to the different vendors and pick out garments that fit the theme they were going for. They began pulling all kinds of things like plaids, furs, nudes, and oversize coats. The assortment was odd but I had been assured that the final product was going to be magnificent.

As they pulled, our duty was to tag the garments one by one, as well as describe it just in case vendors took off the tags. It was hard to keep up with their blinding speed so we had to learn quickly. We each took a task; two of us writing, one pinning a tag inside the garment, and wrapping a label around the hanger. By the end of the day we had it figured out.

The following day we continued pulling items with Tim and David. We then organized our papers into the vendors in which we pulled items from so that later that afternoon we could go pick up all of the items. Tim and David then narrowed down the 400 garments chosen to the 100 that they planned on using in the show.

The next morning was show time! Our job was to return all 400 garments to the showrooms. Then, later that day we had to go pick up the 100 that would be used for the fashion show to be organized into which model would be wearing what and in the order they would be worn. Then it was show time! Our next job was to help the models make their quick changes backstage. The show seemed so quick! The next thing I knew the show was over and it was time yet again to organize the clothes into the vendors.

The final morning we woke up, slipped on our shoes and all yelled “oooooouuuuccchhhh!” Although our feet hurt and our bodies ached from the day before it was time yet again to return the items to the vendors. Just one last time. The day was short so we got to leave for Tech after we did a little wholesale price shopping!

The four of us had an amazing time and are so thankful for the experience! And even though my feet hurt and am extremely exhausted I learned a lot about how much work truly goes into a fashion show. Below are a few pictures!

If you are interested in how the garments looked once put together and how all our hard work seemed to pay off go to the following link! Enjoy!


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Floral Galore!

We have all be waiting patiently for Spring to arrive and I am glad to say that it looks like there might be hope for us in this gloomy, bi-polar, sunny Blacksburg weather. Although the season seems to change by the hour; by calender it is officially spring! And since Spring brings flowers I present to you floral patterns, necklaces, purses, watches, and much, much more. Let your wardrobe bloom this Spring by adding a few floral patterns and accessories!
Floral Galore

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Distressed to Impress

With Spring arriving it’s time to begin thinking about cooler outfits to accommodate the warmer weather. I personally love the look of distressed jeans paired with some heels or cute booties. It adds a little bit of sass to an otherwise very casual look. Below are a few looks to imitate in order to make your own “Distressed to Impress” look!Distressed Jeans

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Pop of Color!

My hopes are up for warmer, and less volatile weather. So I decided to make this weeks post about the use of colored knitted cardigans as well as bulky, fun, funky necklaces.
Below is one cute outfit idea that incorporates those two ideas as well as a few shoe options!
Enjoy! And never stop being unique!
Pop of Color!

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