My Wardrobe must haves!

So as I look back on my outfits from the last few days I notice I have a few items within my wardrobe that I really could not live without.

First, I must always have a pair of black combat boots. I wear them just about everyday, they match every color, add a casual feel to a dressy outfit, and are even great with all this terrible weather we have had the last few weeks. Almost every outfit I wear, I pair my black combat boots with it, you can never go wrong!

Second, I must have a neutral colored infinity scarf! For me a neutral color is important because I base a lot of my outfits off of neutral toned colors like dark green, burgundy, tan, black, brown, and grey. So including a neutral colored scarf into the mix adds for a little bit of accessorizing and warmth.

Third, I HAVE to have my black cardigans. I don’t know what I would do without my black cardigan. I wear it with just about every outfit. You can put it over any color tank top or dress to make it a little warmer for the chilly weather we have been experiencing. It is also a great staple to have because it can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you match it with.

If I didn’t have these three items in my closet I don’t know what I would wear! It would be like having cereal without milk, or peanut butter without jelly, it just doesn’t quite work the same!

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