DIY Christmas idea!

photo(7)Have a mom, grandma, girlfriend, or sister that you need an easy, cute gift for? Well then this post is for you!

This is an awesome gift and is so simple to make. It’s a t-shirt scarf that I made from some old t-shirts I no longer wore. It’s awesome because you can make it unique to whomever you are making it for. For example, I made a few of my friends Virginia Tech colored scarfs for football games!

Here’s the steps:

1. Find a few t-shirts that don’t have much writing or designs on it.

2. Cut about about 1 1/2- 2 inch strips horizontal to the base of the t-shirt until you reach the armpits of the shirt (or the beginning of the writing/design)

3. Next, take the cut up strips and stretch them as if you were stretching a rubber band while playing with it. This will make the t-shit curl and look similar to the pieces in my scarf. (See top right picture)

4. Next cut a piece of the left over t-shirt to tie around the circles of t-shirt fabric. Wrap the piece of t-shirt around the group of t-shirt circles in order to hold them all together. (See bottom right picture)

5.After tying the piece of fabric tuck the knot away so it isn’t visible.**

**Careful on step 5. I used scissors to shove the knot into the wrapped area so it would not be visible. (See bottom right picture)

Enjoy! And Happy shopping!

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