The Vaunte Club

High-fashion retail websites have been quite popular for the past several years. Sites such as Gilt and Rue La La have inundate our inboxes on a daily basis. It’s always fun to browse, but on a college-gal budget, the $1,800 Chanel bag reduced from $2,200 (a steal), is still out of a reach. Sigh. One day!

Well now there’s another luxury site with a twist—! It’s consignment-style. Clothes will be sold literally off the backs of New York City’s elite—from socialites to fashion editors…which is sort of cool…and sort of weird. I’m not sure how comfortable I feel wearing Ana Wintour’s Alexander McQueen jacket when she’s still kickin’ it—maybe in 50 years when it’s vintage. How strange the fashion mind works!

If you’re interested in being a member of Vaunte, hopefully you’re highly connected to the rich and/or famous because it’s invite-only. And once you’re in, you can only invite two people who are required to be as chic as you are so choose wisely! Apparently, high school never ends…at least in the fashion world.


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