How To Rock a Maxi Dress

We all know the weather can be completely unpredictable these days, and a maxi dress is a great way to help solve the problem. Cute and summery enough for those 80 degree days but still your legs are covered if it ends up dropping to 60. Maxi dresses are a huge trend in Hollywood these days giving you a casual with a twist. The only problem with maxi dresses is people don’t always know how to wear them for their body types! Well here is your guide to a maxi dress for your body.

Short? You don’t want to look like you are being swallowed by all of that fabric. Here are some options so that you can still rock this fun and comfy trend:

-Wear heels or wedges with your maxi.

-Tighter options won’t overwhelm your small frame.

-Solids and vertical stripes can help lengthen the body.

-Empire waists create the illusion of longer legs.

-A high low bottom will help lengthen you.

bebe striped high low maxi dress on

Curvy? Don’t want to blow up like a balloon with all of the fabric of a maxi? Here are some simple steps to helping you still look amazing in a maxi:

-An empire waist or cinched waist will help show off your curves without swallowing you in fabric.

-Go for a style that has straps, as strapless styles can create a bulge around the armpits.

-Crazy patterns and horizontal stripes can give the illusion of a wider body. Avoid those.

ASOS grecian belted maxi


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