Last week I attended the April market weekend at AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia with two other members of FMDS, Laura McCarthy and Caitlin Jones. We volunteered with the Fashion Office from Wednesday-Saturday. We also worked with four other fashion students from Auburn, University of Georgia, Florida State University, and University of Alabama.

Throughout the weekend, we helped two freelance fashion show coordinators go around the entire mart and pick out samples for the big Friday night fashion show for buyers. We tagged sample garments and recorded them on paper as well as taking pictures. When it came time to return everything we knew all that we had to do. We also helped change the models during the two daily shows and the big Friday show.


The racks of clothes for each model right before the big show!


Amazing 14 karat jewelry from Joey Showroom that we used in the show. Pieces of this jewelry were even used in Beyonce’s “Run The World” video.


An example of one of the pictures I took to record each garment.


The crowd before the big show!


A models outfit line-up for the big show!


AmericasMart as seen from the 9th floor!Image

All the racks ready and labeled back stage before we distributed all of the models clothing.


My official badge!


An amazing gold glitter bag we used in the show!


An example of a typical showroom. This one is Lilly Pulitzer.


The three of us goofing around in Harry Potter style glasses during a shopping break we got.

Sitting backstage waiting for the models to finish with a photoshoot.

One of the midday shows.

The accessory table that the models came to right before they went on the runway to finish their looks.


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