Diet Coke + Jean-Paul Gaultier = Perfection

Jean-Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke.

French haute couture designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was just named creative director for Diet Coke last month. While this career move may confuse you, consider his seven year employment as creative director for Parisian fashion house Hermès, and, of course, the fashion community’s blatant love for the light beverage. As one of his first tasks in the new role, he developed two special-edition bottles to publicize the collaboration. There are currently just two designs on the market, but a third bottle will launch this Summer. Unfortunately, the bottles are only available in Europe, but rumor is they will debut in America this Summer — if not, I am somehow finding a way to purchase them online! How chic would you feel sitting poolside, drinking diet coke out of a Jean-Paul Gaultier design?

Check out campaign ads and the collaboration commercial at


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