Hey fashion friends!

Greetings from Charleston Fashion Week! Today I just finished up my second day of volunteering, and tomorrow will be my last day :(. It has been a great time meeting people from different schools and states with one common love, FASHION!

Although I haven’t been able to attend any of the nightly fashion shows I have been having a great time! I have been working every day in the pop up shop from 9-4. It is basically a large tent with lots of local clothing vendors selling their clothes at a slight discount just for CFW attendees! I helped with the dressing rooms and also helped the vendors set up and take down their shops, as well as any other little errands needed.


(This picture is from the little booth that was doing free photoshoots to get out information about the outlet malls here, Tanger Outlets. I am with two of the other volunteers here, Kelsey and Ronshalee.)


(The runway tent at CFW)

I also got to meet the past two special guests, which they have everyday at 1 p.m. in the pop up shop. On Thursday, K. Cooper Ray was our speaker. He is a well-known manners expert, specializing in classic southern manners for men. He has a distinguished blog, and just came out with a successful book. He has also been working with Brooks Brothers for five years selling a line of bowties and recently came out with a women’s handbag. He spoke for about twenty minutes and then did a question and answer.


(K. Cooper Ray)

Friday was Molly O’Connell from cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model. She ended up second place overall. She got her start at Charleston Fashion Week years ago, and she was back today to model in it once again. She did a short question and answer and meet and greet and I even got a picture with her. She whispered to us that her entire outfit was from Forever 21. Even high-end models do some bargain shopping!


(Molly O’Connell and I)

Tomorrow is the final day at CFW and the big bridal show. I am excited for the big finale, but sad to see the week end. I will miss all of the friends I made, but it was an overall great experience and resume booster!


Leah Gay


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