Pretty Pretty Pleats

Pleats for spring? Yes please! I don’t know about the rest of you fashionistas, but I am getting sick and tired of the bandage dressing protocol for weekend ragefests. Come on, spice it up a little! Not only are pleated skirts perfectly fresh and forgiving, they are also just as hot as bandage dresses and skirts if you get a lil creative…what about a schoolgirl pleated skirt with one of spring 2012 trendy hot bra tops? I think yes. The best part about this new look? Wear the skirt to an interview the next day with a tucked-in crisp blouse. Hows that for wardrobe multitasking? Look for this trend in a polka-dot pattern or a bright to kill two spring trends with one purchase. Happy spring shopping!Pretty Pretty Pleats

$100 –

$90 –

$128 –

River Island short mini skirt
£40 –

Joules polka dot skirt
£45 –

Yellow pleated skirt
$68 –

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  1. Bandage Dress | Ladies Shop

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