New Brand Golden Hook Employs Grandmothers to Produce Knits

  • Who:  French-based brand Golden Hook, founded by 25-year-old Jérémy Emsellem.
  • What:  Golden Hook gives a new meaning to “granny couture.”  All products are hand-knitted by French “grannies,” and customers are able to choose which granny knits their item.  The line includes scarves, beanies, snoods, ties, bow-ties, bow-accented headbands, and even necklaces and bracelets with knitted accents.  Prices range from $33 for a bracelet to between $230-460 for a scarf.
  • Where:  Currently, Golden Hook makes international deliveries to the U.S., but the brand will employing New York grannies to launch its American online boutique in September 2011.
  • Why:  According to Golden Hook’s website, Emsellem realized that elderly women, especially those in retirement homes, were often bored.  “He came up with the idea that they might enjoy knitting and helping him in their spare time,” the site says.
  • How:  All products are hand-knitted and made with authentic materials, like French wool, mohair, angora, Gong cotton from Egypt, and alpaca.

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