Parsons Students Win Trip to Paris from Louis Vuitton

On Wednesday night in Soho, Louis Vuitton hosted a cocktail party in honor of Parsons design students, giving them the challenge of a lifetime.  Groups of four students were assigned the task of creating colorful, textured quilts out of sample pieces from Vuitton’s collections past, reported.  The students worked all day Tuesday in the Vuitton Soho store creating their quilts, with the winner announced at the event the next day by judges Patricia Field (Sex and the City stylist) and Vuitton’s SVP Geoffroy van Raemdonck.

Winners Janelle Abbott, Zachary Clark, Emily Hudson, and William Norris designed their Vuitton quilt based on time travel.  “The blanket became a topographical map of space and time,” the group said.  ““It maps the travels of a life; it alludes to the travels of a brand. But when you get right down to it, no matter what currently graces the surface layer, if you travel through time…you will find that these layers, both hidden and exposed…have accumulated on a firm foundation, and have built, and are continuing to build, an unwavering legacy.”

The four students are rewarded with a trip to Paris, courtesy of Vuitton, with tours of the headquarters and archives.


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